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Pupstarts Breeders: The Puppy Pod

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Pupstarts Breeders is a website that assits dog breeders and owners who are anticipating litters. They underline the significance of having access to science-based knowledge to safeguard the welfare of both the mother dog and her pups since they are aware of the enormous responsibility involved in producing and raising puppies. Pupstarts Breeders focuses on offering thorough dog breeding courses with the goal of giving breeders the skills and direction they need to succeed at every level of the breeding process. Their ultimate objective is to equip breeders with the tools they need to give their dogs, puppies, and the people who adopt them the best care possible.

What they offer:

A variety of dog breeding courses are offered by Pupstarts Breeders with the goal of empowering ethical breeders and giving them the information and abilities required to breed, whelp, and raise healthy and well-adjusted puppies.

The courses cover:

  • Breeding, Pregnancy & Whelping: Prepare breeders for all aspects of the breeding process, including pregnancy stages and whelping.

  • Puppy Socialisation for Breeders: Provide guidance on effective puppy socialization in just 5 minutes a day for well-adjusted puppies.

  • Puppy Profiling: Teach breeders how to observe and assess puppy temperament to match them with suitable homes.

  • Early Puppy Training for New Owners: Educate new owners on training and caring for their puppies for a smooth transition.

  • Breeder Paperwork: Assist breeders with schedules, routines, and monitoring to ensure the health and happiness of the puppies.

The Puppy Pod:

The logo of Pupstarts breeder course, The Puppy Pod.

Pupstarts Breeders offers an online puppy training course called The Puppy Pod. It is specially made to help and encourage new puppy parents through the vital first few weeks with their little friends. This program attempts to assist owners in being "puppy ready" and navigating the difficulties associated with caring for a puppy. The Puppy Pod acts as a mentor, offering helpful knowledge, training materials, and assistance when things don't go according to plan. It includes advice on a variety of puppy care, behavior, and training topics, assisting parents in building a solid basis for the success of their puppies in the future. The Puppy Pod strives to support parents and puppies during this transitional period by acknowledging the critical time between leaving the breeder and enrolling in official training sessions.


Rebecca Walters, creator of Pupstarts Breeders.

Coach and mentor Rebecca Walters is a dog training expert. She has been breeding dogs for 16 years and is well aware of how hard it can be to find accurate information on the subject. She will help you!

What it offers:

The program of study offers thorough instruction and information on several subjects pertaining to training and caring for puppies.

It covers essential aspects such as:

Preparation and Planning: Guidance on how to prepare your home and family for the arrival of a new puppy, including puppy-proofing, supplies, and creating a safe environment.

Shopping for Your Puppy: Information on essential items you'll need for your puppy, such as bedding, toys, food, and grooming supplies.

Microchipping and Vaccinations: Recognizing the value of immunizations and microchipping to protect your puppy's health and wellbeing.

Feeding and Nutrition: Advice on how to choose the best puppy food, determine feeding times and amounts, and keep a balanced diet.

Exercise and Play: Understanding the exercise needs of puppies, appropriate activities, and the importance of mental stimulation.

Socialization and Training: information on how to properly socialize your puppy with people, other animals, and other situations throughout the crucial phase of socialization. Techniques and basic training directives are also presented.

Common Challenges and Troubleshooting: addressing typical puppy issues including biting, chewing, separation anxiety, and toilet training concerns, and providing advice on how to solve them.

First aid and Poisonous encounters: how to manage typical medical crises and provide your dog basic First aid care. because they are knowledgeable about potential household dangers and poisonous chemicals that might damage pups.

And More (47 lessons in total)!!

Adorable puppy

How will you learn:

  • Video lessons (the course has many tutorials)

  • Downloadable resources (such as PDF guides, checklists and more)

  • Interactive content (it has a final exam)

  • A supportive community where questions can be answered (The Puppy Pod Facebook chat, where many other puppy owners can connect)

  • Live training sessions (the creator may conduct live training sessions)

“Great Online course so easy to navigate and some great videos to help you through the process with a new puppy. It's great to have a closed Puppy group to chat through all the trials and tribulations a new puppy can bring. Great work Rebecca Walter Pupstarts Breeders.”
“The Puppy Pod put us on the right road making sure Gertie had the best start. As first time dog owners we needed the help! The clear, easy to follow advice and practical tips and tutorials covered everything. Highly recommend! Tim, Lisa and Gertie.”
“The group, course and Rebecca have been fantastic. Highly recommend. If ever I need advice or concerned everyone is so friendly and willing to help especially Rebecca who goes the extra mile every time. The course was very informative and perfect way to help train my new puppy and have had many people praise how good he is from such a wrong age. Thank you for everything!”

An adorable puppy eating


  • Comprehensive guidance

  • Expert instruction

  • Online accessibility

  • Supportive community


  • Limited hand on training (There is no direct physical interaction. But Rebecca will assure you that this isn't a problem).


Q: Are dog courses suitable for all dog owners, regardless of experience?

A: Yes, a variety of participants, including both inexperienced and experienced dog owners, are catered to by dog classes. They provide insightful advice and guidance for people at various stages of dog ownership.

Q: What advantages come with taking a dog training course?

A: Numerous advantages come from taking dog training classes, such as increased obedience, improved bonding with your dog, and the ability to manage behavioral problems. They also give owners the knowledge and abilities to better control and comprehend their pets.

Q: Can after-completion help be obtained from dog courses?

A: Numerous dog courses include after-course assistance via online communities, follow-up sessions, or access to additional resources. This assistance may be beneficial for continued education and dealing with any emerging difficulties.

Any doubts:



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