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Let Loose Good Dog Behavior with Top Dog Courses

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

A dog with glasses

The quest to raise well-behaved canine companions may be both gratifying and difficult. 'The Puppy Pod' and 'Brain Training for Dogs' are two highly regarded dog training programs discussed in this blog. With their innovative methods for molding the behavior of your animal pet, these courses stand out as outstanding examples of effective behavior modification. We'll look at the approaches used by each course, from basic obedience to dealing with particular behavioral issues. Join us as we reveal the techniques for encouraging good conduct and enhancing your relationship with your canine friend.

Perfect Dog Behavior with the Dog Course: The Puppy Pod

Dog Course by PupStarts Breeders

Online dog course for better behavior

What does it offer?:

A variety of dog breeding courses are offered by Pupstarts Breeders with the goal of empowering ethical breeders and giving them the information and abilities required to breed, whelp, and raise healthy and well-adjusted puppies.

The courses cover:

  • Breeding, Pregnancy & Whelping: Prepare breeders for all aspects of the breeding process, including pregnancy stages and whelping.

  • Puppy Socialisation for Breeders: Provide guidance on effective puppy socialization in just 5 minutes a day for well-adjusted puppies.

  • Puppy Profiling: Teach breeders how to observe and assess puppy temperament to match them with suitable homes.

  • Early Puppy Training for New Owners: Educate new owners on training and caring for their puppies for a smooth transition.

  • Breeder Paperwork: Assist breeders with schedules, routines, and monitoring to ensure the health and happiness of the puppies.

How will you learn:

  • Video lessons (the course has many tutorials)

  • Downloadable resources (such as PDF guides, checklists, and more)

  • Interactive content (it has a final exam)

  • A supportive community where questions can be answered (The Puppy Pod Facebook chat, where many other puppy owners can connect)

  • Live training sessions (the creator may conduct live training sessions)


“Great Online course so easy to navigate and some great videos to help you through the process with a new puppy. It's great to have a closed Puppy group to chat through all the trials and tribulations a new puppy can bring. Great work Rebecca Walter Pupstarts Breeders.”
“The Puppy Pod put us on the right road making sure Gertie had the best start. As first time dog owners we needed the help! The clear, easy to follow advice and practical tips and tutorials covered everything. Highly recommend! Tim, Lisa and Gertie.”
Online dog course for better behavior


  • Comprehensive guidance

  • Expert instruction

  • Online accessibility

  • Supportive community


  • Limited hand on training (There is no direct physical interaction. But Rebecca will assure you that this is fine).

Interested in more courses: CLICK HERE!!

Amazing Behavior with Dog Course: Brain Training for Dogs

Book training course for dogs

What does it offer?:

The course offers different methods to stop bad behavior from dogs, some examples

  • Your dog ignores your commands.

  • You have to train a new puppy.

  • Your dog barks constantly.

  • Your dog is pulling on the leash

  • Your dog is agitated.

  • Your dog is always digging

  • Your dog is biting stuff he shouldn't

  • Your dog has begun to jump.

How will you learn:

Through different modules-

  • 1 (Preschool)

  • 2 (Elementary school)

  • 3 (High school)

  • 4 (College)

  • 5 (University )

  • 6 (Graduation)

  • 7 (Einstein)


“Since using Brain Training for Dogs my dogs are more excited to learn. They actively want to take part and figure out what they need to do! It's not about ‘commanding’ that they perform a behavior, it's about getting them thinking.I really love this approach to dog training and my dogs do too!”
“After going through this program I feel 100 times more confident and far better about training. I have a far better understanding of behaviors and my puppy definitely seems to pick up on that confidence.This system is the best confidence booster and the best way to teach your dog.”
Dog training


  • Emphasizes the improvement of dogs' intelligence and mental stimulation.

  • Strong bonds with the owner are created

  • Credibility thanks to CPDT-KA accreditation

  • Suitable for all dogs

  • Provides entertaining activities

  • Focuses on the underlying issues

  • Produces long-lasting behavioral changes.


  • It may or may not be successful. (Depending on the character of each dog)

  • Some more difficult tricks could take longer and more work to teach.


PupStarts Breeders-

Q: Are dog courses suitable for all dog owners, regardless of experience?

A: Yes, a variety of participants, including both inexperienced and experienced dog owners, are catered to by dog classes. They provide insightful advice and guidance for people at various stages of dog ownership.

Q: What advantages come with taking a dog training course?

A: Numerous advantages come from taking dog training classes, such as increased obedience, improved bonding with your dog, and the ability to manage behavioral problems. They also give owners the knowledge and abilities to better control and comprehend their pets.

Q: Can after-completion help be obtained from dog courses?

A: Numerous dog courses include after-course assistance via online communities, follow-up sessions, or access to additional resources. This assistance may be beneficial for continued education and dealing with any emerging difficulties.

Brain Training 4 Dogs-

Q: Is this training appropriate for dogs of all breeds and ages?

A: Brain Training for Dogs is made for dogs of various kinds, sizes, and ages, including young pups and older canines.

Q: When can I expect to get results?

A: Depending on the dog's disposition and the owner's persistence, different effects take different amounts of time to manifest. While some dogs could make progress fast, others might need more time and effort.

Q: Are the training techniques harsh or gentle?

A: Brain Training for Dogs employs gentle, force-free teaching techniques. Emphasis is placed on using positive reinforcement to foster a close relationship with the dog and promote desirable behaviors.

Q: Do you provide warranties or refunds?

A: A 60-day money-back guarantee is provided by Brain Training for Dogs so that you may test the program risk-free and ask for a refund if you're not happy.

Final Thoughts:

Thank you for reading this far! I hope you found valuable insights about The Puppy Pod and Brain Training for Dogs. You've made the proper decision if you've chosen to invest in the course, so relax. A better connect and well-behaved furry friend will result from the program's emphasis on mental stimulation, positive reinforcement, and resolving underlying behavioral difficulties. I hope that your journey will be fruitful for both you and your dog!

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