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Fresh Dog Food Made Easy

Updated: Jan 10

A dog about to eat food

Introducing your dog to the world of fresh dog food is a life-changing experience where you'll learn the meaning of the term "nutrition with a difference" has completely changed. In this article, we dig into the nutritious world of fresh dog food made by Sundays, Food for Dogs, and examine why it has grown to be a popular option among pet owners looking to provide their canine companions with meals that are healthier, more natural, and more individualized.

Key Features:

  • Human-grade ingredients

  • No synthetic additives

  • No preparation required

Fresh dog food


  • Meat

  • Chicken

  • Turkey

  • Seeds

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

How it is prepared:

  • They use human-grade, research-backed ingredients

  • Gently air-dry them at 160℉ to kill germs and lock in nutrients

  • Finally delivered to you and your pup in a convenient and delicious package

Customer Ratings:

  • From all reviews (2263), 4.7 / 5


“Wholesome and real! Beat for my dogs and super easy for me! ¡Win win!”
“I have a very picky eater puppy. It brings me such pleasure to see his clean plate each day now that I am feeding him Sundays.”

Sundays Food



  • ​Improve Weight More excited to eat Softer coat More energy

  • ​A bit expensive


Q: Why should I feed fresh food to my dog?

A: In comparison to highly processed commercial dog meals, feeding your dog fresh food has several benefits, including superior nutritional content, increased digestibility, better flavor, personalized diets, improved weight management, quality control, and fewer additives. These advantages help your dog's general health and well-being.

Q: What is fresh dog food?

A: A form of dog food referred to as fresh dog food is made with minimally processed, natural, whole ingredients. Depending on the nutritional requirements of your dog, it normally comprises fresh meats, vegetables, and occasionally grains or legumes. Fresh dog food, in contrast to conventional dry kibble or canned dog food, is less processed and frequently made and given quickly to enhance its nutritional content.

Final Thoughts:

We appreciate you reading our fresh dog food blog and taking the time to read it. Your dedication to the well-being of your animal companion is really admirable. We really hope that the information presented here has been useful to you in your efforts to provide the greatest diet for your dog. Keep in mind that every nutritious meal you give your dog advances his or her quest for a longer, better life.



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