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Enjoy Hands-Free Riding with Cycleash Dog Bike Leash

Updated: Jan 8

A dog walking with a bicycle

Introducing the Sherpa Cycleash Universal Bicycle Leash, the best friend for bikers who enjoy riding with their dogs! In our most recent blog, we'll go through the key features, advantages, and reasons why this ground-breaking product is essential for anybody who wants to securely combine their passion of riding with their pet friends. See how Cycleash keeps your pets safe and secure while providing an excellent and fun bicycling experience.

A bicicyle with a leash

Key features:

  • Hand free leash

  • Made of Ultra light materials

  • Safe way to exercise your dog while riding a bike

  • Shock-less Thermoplastic technology (helps absorb shock and vibrations)


  • Ergonomic curved bar (gives comfortable handing)Double-use zinc alloy connection (can hold up to dog simultaneously)

  • Advance click barrel (allows easy attachment to the bake frame)


  • Universal

How to install it:

  1. Install clamp

  2. Connect leash

  3. Insert safety pin

  4. Lock safety pin


  • Alloy




  • Hands free riding

  • Enhance safety

  • Comfortable design

  • Easy installation

  • Additional cost for Multi-dog use (to walk to dog together, you need to buy an extra leash bar)


Q: Can I use the Cycleash with more than one dog at a time?

A: Yes, the double-use zinc alloy attachment on the Cycleash can handle up to two dogs at once. For each dog, you'll need to buy a separate leash bar.

Q: Is the Cycleash suitable for all dog sizes and breeds?

A: Although the Cycleash is made to fit dogs of all sizes, it is crucial to make sure your dog is at ease riding a bike before using it. To measure your dog's comfort, start with brief rides and progressively extend them.

Q: Is the leash adjustable in length?

A: The Cycleash leash length is typically set, but by deciding where to mount the Clip Barrel on your bike frame, you may change the distance between your dog and the vehicle.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, the Sherpa Cycleash is a game-changer for pet owners who ride bicycles. It is more than simply a leash. It offers a safer and more pleasurable method to train your dogs while riding because of its cutting-edge technology, hands-free design, and multi-dog compatibility. Don't compromise on control or safety; invest in the Cycleash and take your canine buddies on rides without stress. You'll never go on a bike trip the same way again!




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