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Discover Your Dog Genetics: Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

Dog DNA Test

Every dog is unique, with their own set of quirks, behaviors, and appearances. But have you ever wondered about the deeper story that lies within your dog's genes? Embark offers you an insightful journey into your dog's DNA, unraveling the mysteries of their heritage, health, and genetic predispositions.

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What they offer

Unearth Their Breed Mix

Curious about whether your pup has some Husky or German Shepherd in it? Or perhaps a touch of Beagle? With the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit, you can gain insights into your dog's breed composition, offering a detailed breakdown that might just explain some of their charming quirks.

Prioritize Their Health Dogs

Did you know that up to 75% of dogs are at risk or carriers for a genetic health issue? Embark goes beyond just identifying your dog's breed mix. It offers an extensive look into potential health risks, allowing you to proactively ensure your canine companion leads a long, healthy life.

Breeders' Best Friend

Embark for Breeders offers the most accurate results of any DNA test on the market. This accuracy aids breeders in making informed decisions, ensuring the health and vitality of future litters.

Connect with Canine Relatives

With the world's first canine Relative Finder, Embark doesn't just stop at telling you about your dog's past. It connects you to the present by identifying potential furry relatives. Imagine discovering your dog has siblings or cousins in the next town over!

Dog DNA Test Kit

Dog DNA test kit

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Understanding: Offers a view into breed mix and highlights

  • Health Condition Screening: Checks for suspected genetic health conditions

  • Identify Drug Sensitivities: Detects genetic changes that make dogs sensitive to specific drugs

  • Find Relatives: Connects dogs with potential canine family members.


“What a great company and the amount of information about my dogs was incredible! Highly recommend Embark!”
“I had so much fun studying the results of the report. I sent a copy to our vet and now he knows all my dogs' information. Initially, I thought the DNA test was expensive but now I feel it was well worth it.”

Customer ratings:

Overall: 4.5 / 5



  • Deep Insights: Uncovers both breed and potential health risks in dogs.

  • Proactive Health: Detects drug reactions and health risks early on.

  • Find Dog Relatives: Connects owners with their dog's possible family members.

  • Durable Samples: Saliva samples stay stable for 6 months

  • All-Around Care: Stresses the role of diet, environment, and lifestyle in a dog's health.


  • Kit Expiry: Kits expire two years after purchase

  • Wait Time: Results can take 2-4 weeks

  • Sample Collection: Some dogs might be uncomfortable with the swabbing process.


Q: How does it work?

1. Swab:

  • Collect your dog's saliva from the cheek and tongue for 30 seconds.

2. Activate & Mail:

  • Activate each kit online.

  • Send samples to their lab in their prepaid envelopes.

Note: While samples remain stable for at least 6 months, kits expire two years after purchase. Please plan accordingly.

3. Results in 2-4 Weeks:

  • They'll handle everything from here.

  • Once done, you'll receive an email notification.

  • Log in to your account to discover all the insights about your pup!

Q: What will you learn?

  • Breed breakdown

  • Ancestry

  • Relative Finder

  • Health Screening

  • Traits

Final Thoughts:

We want to thank you for reading this blog. If your decision was to purchase an Dog DNA Test Kit, know it was the correct decision. But if you are doubting, what are you waiting for? Your dog will appreciate you too.




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